About Bev

I began my teaching service in 1961, and have taught every grade level from kindergarten to university classes in English Language and Literature, Reading, Writing and Study Skills. Currently I am a state licensed Reading Specialist, teaching privately in my office or your home. I love seeing students grow, gain skills and begin to appreciate and enjoy their school experience. My approach is empathetic, but practical,
compassionate but firmly encouraging. My students understand, when we are working together, that they have a safe place to learn and a trustworthy teacher who believes in them and that they will progress to meet their goals. Research indicates that expectations play a huge part in student success.

In my experience, I've developed a great appreciation for the variety of ways that children learn. When I was a professional artist, I taught stone sculpture to adults, and horsemanship to children. Recently I've taught outdoor education for the Audubon Canyon Ranch's Bouverie Preserve. It's clear that any classroom, indoor or outdoor, is full of all kinds of minds, and each mind needs to be taught in the way it learns best. That way, the truth comes out on the trail to that Bliss that Joseph Campbell recommended we follow.

Along my trail of learning and study, I've served the community in other ways by grassroots environmental organizing in Colorado and California. During the seventies my collective published one of the first women's newsletters in California, and I've also spent years working as a paralegal in environmental law. I draw on all these past experiences when working with students to make learning fun and school more manageable. When all is said and done, I've learned the most from my own two children as they traversed the trails of their own highly individualized educations.