Education - All Kinds of Minds
Resource for teaching methods for individualized approaches to learning disabilies. Excellent for parents and educators alike.

Environmental Education
Earth Elders
Improving the lives of everyone by changing cultural
attitudes towards nature.

Green Peace
Definding the planet and animals.

Natural Resource Defense Council
The earth needs a good lawyer. These people get results. Bobby Kennedy leads this group. Look especially This part of the site explains how children can take meaningful action to protect the earth. It focuses on combating pollution of all kinds, including sonar pollution which affects whales.

World Wildlife fund
This is a very trusted educational site.

Audubon Canyon Ranch
This excellent group presents seasonal tours of coastal and inland preserves which includes very well designed outdoor education programs for gradeschoolers. Exciting docent work is available after peerless training.

Global Action
The Hunger Site

When you go to this site, click on the links to The Rainforest Site, the Literacy Site, Animal Protection site, Children's Health, Mammogram and more, corporations will make donations to each project. Click every day to make donations on all sites.

The Occidental Community Choir
A twenty-eight year old choir which performs the music of composer members. Led by Daniel Canosa. For concert dates click here.


Saluki Tree of Life - rescue for Salukis.
There are many worthy rescue groups for almost every species of animal. You can start with The National Humane Education Society, Humane Society of the United States, or your local Humane Society. Volunteer. I stay tuned to