When I work with a student, I'm working with the whole family. I count on the parents and the student to bring me up to date with the child's education background and school history. We decide together what needs, skills, habits, and attitudes need work, and get agreement about everyone's responsibilities. We look at the work that has been done to identify weak areas, and address those first, working as a team.When it's a question of attitude, and it usually is, we can work to change that as a part of the tutoring process. My goal is to find what the underlying causes of a student's problems are, and the resulting discouragement, provide the missing skills and suitable unthreatening practice so confidence can be reestablished. This is especially important for children having reading delays before the fourth grade. Sometimes I will suggest further investigation such as eye exams, or changes in the study area itself - proper desk, lighting and schedules are all important. I can suggest approaches parents can take at home, and have often visited the child's school meetings with teachers and counselors to share ideas to help the student progress and begin to find school more enjoyable and manageable.

Lesson Rates
One visit rate: $40.
One lesson may extend to an hour and a half, but not longer than the student can absorb. An homework assignment will be included, especially when weak links have been identified and practice is needed for the student to fill in the gaps. This rate includes phone
questions and advice.

Package of five meetings: $180
Package of ten meetings: $360
Attending student's school meetings with counselors. $40

Please contact Beverly at The Sebastopol Reading and Writing Teacher.
Phone: 707-823-0974
Email: briverwood@hotmail.com