Writing Projects

My own creative work looks to both the past and future
while staying firmly rooted in the present.

1. Memoir of an Ohio Childhood is becoming a midwest Tristram Shandy combined with Winesburg, Ohio
Eventually, I'd like to use what I'm learning from my memoir writing to help others "write for their lives." In an article in Newsweek, Anna Quindlen discusses the movie, Freedom Writers, which is really about "the power of writing in the lives of ordinary people." She asks "wouldn't all of us love to have a journal, a memoir, a letter, from those we have loved and lost? Shouldn't all of us leave a bit of that behind?"

2. Horse Country, a screenplay
An Environmental story for teens about one young woman's attempt to save a beautiful valley from unscrupulous developers connected with organized crime.

3. The Reunion Project
An "ethical will" compilation of memoirs written by my high school classmates to be given to our school's foundation on our 50th reunion. What was our community like 50 years ago, what people encouraged us to chose our paths? What did we learn and how can it be imparted to the young? I see this as a profound document because we have lived through extremely interesting times. Much is lost when a culture does not value and listen to its Elders.